Policy Matrix


The Policy Matrix has a set of components to test Privacy Policies against each other:

  • recording – do they store possibly identifiable information such as IP address and other fingerprint data?
  • tracking – are your movements and actions through the site being tracked with beacons or cookies?
  • sharing – is any or all of this information being made available to external companies or sites?
  • advertising – have they deployed some sort of advertising system that will be recording, tracking, and sharing information as well?
site recording tracking sharing advertising policy
qx.cx no no no no link
on.qx.cx no no no no link
gx.qx.cx no no no no link
sx.qx.cx no no no no link
ganjle.com no no no no link
my.ganjle.com no no no no link
ps.ganjle.com no no no no link