Changing Habits

Another major part of how you can be safer on-line is changing your behaviour and habits on certain aspects of using the Internet, always consider the following:

  • do I need to provide this information – the link between fingerprint and actual person is made by you!  Whether done previously or even somewhere else that happens to be using the same advertising system.
  • am I easily track-able – have you minimised your fingerprint as much as you can, are you at least in your browsers ‘private browsing’ mode and have 3rd party cookies disabled?
  • can I be bubbled – read the privacy policy, if it looks overly complicated then they are probably trying to hide something in there – first big bad clue!
  • do I always need JavaScript enabled –  can you run with it disabled or at least managed with a plugin so it’s there only when you need it?
  • can I use Tor – it’s the strongest safeguard to accessing the Internet, unfortunately due to a lack of relays browsing can be slow, consider being a Tor relay or Tor bridge as well, it can provide even better anonymity!
  • many others such as: use strong passwords; try to quickly recognise fake emails; only download/install software from a website you trust; …
  • consider using two browsers – one which is configured to be safe and secure and another browser that you allow to be a tad more flexible/open so that if there is a site you wish to access your safe browser isn’t being compromised by unsafe activities, as they are now in your “open” browser.